Our Vision

We are a family owned and operated business which means we are operate on a personal level with our customers as customers of McGrath's Stump Removal you are a part of our extended family not just a number! Customer service is something we pride ourselves on we are always available and always ready for you!

Our Story

Our story began when my dad and I saw a used stump grinder for sale at an auction and between the two of us we thought it would be a good idea to try it out and see where it takes us. In the beginning we started real small doing a job once or twice a month in a rusted out 2wd s10 nothing wrong with that some of our customers from the beginning can vouch for us we were just trying to learn the ropes. Along the way we always had a trend of actions in common great prices, kept our word, no job left unfinished, and would fix anything we missed for free. Today we still honor those same values instilled in us from the beginning and take care of our customers after all you are the foundation of our business not the machinery or business cards but you the customer are the most valuable asset to us so we go above and beyond to satisfy you and make sure and expectations you have for your property are met and exceeded! Thank you to all of you!

Meet the Team

Everyone associated with McGrath's Stump Removal has worked really hard to make it to this point we always focus on the impact of customer service no matter how big we grow one thing we will always do is keep the customers first in our business.


Dan McGrath

Owner and Operator

Hello everyone I am Dan McGrath owner and operator at McGrath's Stump Removal. I specialize in stump grinding for the company love my dogs, my family, and my adventures! I have worked in the medical field for 30 years taking care of people and saving lives!


The whole family

The McGrath Family

We all Play a part in this business none more important than the next everyone has each others back and wants the best for our customers.


Cameron McGrath

Owner and Operator

Hello everyone im Cameron Mcgrath with McGrath's Stump Removal my father and I started the business together and both have the same motto take care of our customers. I love working outside in the summer time and meeting all the new people through my business.

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