Stump Grinding/Removal

Stump Grinding is the foundation our business was built upon. Believe it or not a stump may not look like that much of a problem, but it definitely can be to homeowners some issues include roots growing into your foundation, tripping hazards, creates problems for lawn care and can even mess up your equipment, also it increases pests like fire ants wasps termites. We are here to help with your stump removal needs for the best prices in the New River Valley. We are located in Radford Va, but travel to Roanoke Va, Blacksburg, Va, Christiansburg Va, Pulaski Va, and Dublin Va.


Tree Removal/ Tree Trimming

Tree removal/ Tree trimming came along after a couple years of business in stump grinding we trained with some other tree services in the area until we had the right equipment and confidence to do tree work for our customers. The big difference between us and most other tree companies is that we leave the jobsite cleaner than we found and take pride in your property as if it were our own. Tree removals and trimming jobs are very important to homeowners our business revolves around solving a problem for you. With trees you still run into some issues they can cause damage to your roof, start cracking your driveway, grow into the foundation of your home, dead branches can fall on vehicles, and diseased trees can even harm other plant life around you home.

Landscaping Installation

Landscaping Installation is a service we provide for the homeowners wanting to upgrade the looks of their homes. We specialize in installing mulch, rocks, edging, shurbs/plants, and even ornamental trees. for those that like plant life around their homes with nice contrasting beds we are the right choice for you.


Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a cost effective way of removing stumps it beats excavating or bulldozing due to time, price, and damage to property. We are a full service stump grinding company no job to big no stump to small. We can clear a couple acres with our machines or we can do a simple shrub stump in your garden bed. McGrath's Stump Removal offers a lifetime warranty on all removed stumps so you can feel confident in hiring us to complete the job.

Tree Removal/ Tree Trimming

With our Tree removal and Tree trimming side of the business we have certified arborists on standby to safely remove any trees or limbs that stand in your way. They are also trained to see diseases in trees or malnutrition to find out causes of why your tree may be dying. We give free property evaluations to help guide you on the best path for your property


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